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This Early Voter Has Gone Viral For Calling Dunkin' 'Dunkies'

This Early Voter Has Gone Viral For Calling Dunkin' 'Dunkies'

The latest viral sensation to get her 15 minutes of fame is an impassioned voter who was interviewed for a news package for a local station in Boston. The interviewee is making people laugh online with a quick clip that included her voting with a Dunkin' coffee, which she lovingly called \"Dunkies,\" in the video. The tweet captioned it, \"Boston will never not Boston as hard as it can and I love it so much.\" The viral video features a young woman wearing a Boston-themed mask and a New England Patriots jersey while speaking to the camera and holding a cup from Dunkin'. There you have it folks: Dunkin' will now and forever more be referred to as \"Dunkies.\"

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