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These Wine Drops Will Save You From A Wine Hangover

These Wine Drops Will Save You From A Wine Hangover

I typed in \"wine drops\" on Amazon because I had heard there are some products out there that you can drop into your glass of wine to solve any headaches that come along with a day of drinking, so I went ahead and purchased a pack of two Drop It wine drops bottles for $20. Drop It Wine Drops, 2 Pack Drop It amazon.com $19.99 BUY NOWThe description explains that the drops work in just 20 seconds and help to remove some of the sulfites and tannins from your wine. I used the drops throughout the tastings and in the fully poured glasses we shared (admittedly I didn't use them in every single glass I drank!) The only thing I'd done differently this winery-packed day was use the Drop It drops. I mixed wines, reds, sparklings, and rosés and used the drops and they didn't change the color or flavor of any of them.

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