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The Most Cookable Book of Spring: To Asia, With Love

The Most Cookable Book of Spring: To Asia, With Love

Her Miso Squash Ramen recipe achieves such depth of flavor, the whole internet can’t stop making it. Now, McKinnon’s latest cookbook, To Asia, With Love: Everyday Asian Recipes and Stories From The Heart, is one of the most cookable books of the year. So, at risk of ruining any mystery around the McKinnon magic, here are three clever sweet spots she hits—yet again—in To Asia, With Love. That’s not revolutionary in 2021—but every vegetarian (or even every enthusiastic green, legume, and grain eater) has that one person in their life who equates vegetarian food with austerity. But it also doesn’t go OTT trying to prove itself as “fun” vegetarian food.

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