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The Best Groceries To Buy In Bulk & What To Do With Them

The Best Groceries To Buy In Bulk & What To Do With Them

As long as they’re long-lasting, lovable staples you lean on day in and day out, it makes sense—both economically and practically—to buy in bulk. With just a few other pantry staples, they can become hearty tomato sauce, brunchy shakshuka, stewy chicken , or cozy tortilla soup . Peanut (and other nut) buttersKeep a jar of peanut butter on hand and you’ve got spicy peanut noodles, sweet-salty peanut butter cookies, and ever-faithful PB&Js within easy reach. Buy a variety pack —or just a range of types (brown and white rices , for example) and shapes (linguine! When you spot a good deal on butter , buy it up, tuck a few sticks in the fridge, and freeze the rest.

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