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The Best Cast Iron Skillet of 2021: Tested and Reviewed

The Best Cast Iron Skillet of 2021: Tested and Reviewed

The best cast-iron skillet will be yours for a lifetime, so selecting the right one for you is an important task. We thoroughly tested 12 of the leading cast-iron skillets at various price points, looking for the very best models on the market. Below, you'll find our top choices, as well as the specifics of how we tested, what we looked for specifically in the best cast-iron pan, and the other models we reviewed. Table of contentsThe best 12-inch cast-iron skillet: VictoriaThe best 10-inch cast-iron skillet: Lodge Blacklock 96How we testedOther cast-iron skillets we testedThe takeawayHow to clean a cast-iron skilletThe best 12-inch cast-iron skillet: VictoriaThis pre-seasoned cast-iron skillet's straightforward, dependable nature has earned it our top spot several years in a row. This pan looks similar to the classic Lodge skillet but differs in a few critical, useful ways.

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