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The Best Camping Gifts for Couples Who Love to Cook

The Best Camping Gifts for Couples Who Love to Cook

If you’re outdoorsy and frequently go on weekend camping trips, and you love to cook and find it important to eat well even out in the wilderness, we’ve got some registry ideas for you. See their recommendations below:CookwareThe first thing Van Deusen enthusiastically recommended for cooking while camping was a reflector oven—a simple, often foldable chamber that heats by reflecting light from the campfire. “They’re generally made of stainless steel, but you can get aluminum ones that are really lightweight,” he notes. While cast-iron pans are a classic, extra-durable camping favorite, Van Deusen likes carrying a modular set of lightweight aluminum cookware. With this tool, in 45 seconds, you can have hot water for coffee,” Van Deusen says.

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