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The 5+ Best Breakfast Tacos in Los Angeles 2021

The 5+ Best Breakfast Tacos in Los Angeles 2021

As a proud Texan, I take breakfast tacos pretty seriously. I normally don't get meat on my breakfast tacos, but I couldn't resist El Barrio's juicy Wagyu beef brisket options—which I devoured in two bites. Brunch is served only on Saturday and Sunday mornings \"until [they] run out,\" so come early to try the smoky brisket breakfast tacos. Guisados is a cult favorite in Los Angeles, partly for its prowess with breakfast pork. The Griddle Cafe7916 Sunset BoulevardThis spot is best known for its bigger-than-your-face specialty pancakes, but if you stumble across its \"Kicking and Screaming\" breakfast tacos, you'll realize they're the true star of the menu.

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