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The 24 Best Food Gifts to Send Newly Married Couples

The 24 Best Food Gifts to Send Newly Married Couples

This is why we propose making an edible registry filled with the best food gifts. Even if you’re leading a totally minimalist lifestyle, you can get behind the kind of gift that’s consumable. Instead, you should register for (or give) the kind of fancy ingredients it would feel extravagant to buy on a daily basis. Here’s a list of the best food gifts: the truly registry-worthy ingredients, organized by category, with a little something for every type of wedded couple. Té Company Taiwanese Tea Gift Set $110 at Food52SpicesDiaspora, Spicewalla, or Burlap & Barrel are excellent choices for high-quality, fair-trade spices that beat anything you’d find in a conventional grocery store.

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