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Snow Much Fun: 6 Ways to Eat Fresh Snow

Snow Much Fun: 6 Ways to Eat Fresh Snow

My sister and I enjoyed the snow (and snow days out of school) for outdoor activities like making snowmen and snow angels, but once it was time to come inside, the snow came in too: as snow ice cream and snow candy. Tip: Many snow ice cream recipes use condensed milk; keep some on hand in the pantry in case of unexpected snow. Snow Ice Cream Requires a Cook's EyeJust as when making ice cream with ice, the type of snow and how cold it is can be very important. If you find your snow ice cream getting soupy as you mix in the liquid, back off of that ingredient a little until you get an ice cream consistency. Find Family Fun With the Snow Ice CreamAllrecipes home cooks like tsandlitz remember making snow ice cream fondly.

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