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Real Caramelized Onions, Your Time Is Now

Real Caramelized Onions, Your Time Is Now

In her new book This Will Make It Taste Good, Vivian Howard confesses to having guided readers down a false path—she says her first book instructs them at least 25 times to “cook onions until caramelized, about 10 minutes.”But true caramelized onions—real caramelized onions—take far longer than 10 minutes to achieve. Let’s call it Weeknight Caramelized Onions or Quick Caramelized Onions (henceforth QCO). But then there are real caramelized onions (RCOs). Now, says Howard, is an ideal time to “nail down [a technique] you might never have pursued otherwise.”A time lapse of caramelized onions from 0 minutes to 60 minutes. At 30 minutes you’ll see that the onions have relaxed even further—as if they’ve had just one sip too many at a cocktail party.

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