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Our Favorite Fancy Mustards

Our Favorite Fancy Mustards

Here are our staff favorite mustards—including your classic French varieties along with your funky fermented delights—available for purchase online. Moutarde PommeryMoutarde Pommery’s mustards are instantly recognizable thanks to their ceramic crock containers, which demonstrate the brand’s reverence for traditional French mustard making. Don’t confuse the pickled mustard seeds for an old-style French mustard: These mustard seeds have a texture like fish eggs; they pop in your mouth as you eat them. Wilder is a small California-based condiment upstart that produces three small-batch mustard varieties: a classic (Dijon) mustard, a sweet-and-hot mustard, and a jalapeño mustard. Edmond Fallot Tarragon Dijon Mustard $10 at AmazonEdmond Fallot Original Dijon Mustard $9 at AmazonMailleIf you’re in a pinch and need a reliable supermarket-available mustard, Maille is the way to go.

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