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Our Costa Rica Trip (+ authentic Rice & Beans recipe!)

Our Costa Rica Trip (+ authentic Rice & Beans recipe!)

In fact, it was another friend’s trip to Costa Rica that she shared on Facebook that inspired us to go. The Vibe in Costa Rica (COVID-Wise)When friends have been asking me about what it was like COVID-wise in Costa Rica, I’m learning some mean, “How safe did it feel?” and others mean, “How open was it?” So, let me answer both. For Travel to Costa Rica (and other destinations, I’ve heard):REQUIRED TRAVEL INSURANCE: This is a requirement for Costa Rica right now, and it covers costs incurred (medical or for an extended quarantine) if you were to get COVID on your trip. QR CODE: You need to show a unique QR code for each passenger upon check-in at your home airport. Add in the can of black beans (beans and liquid), cooked rice, salsa, broth, honey, and cilantro.

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