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Ottolenghi Flavor Is the Cookbook Thrill We Need This Winter

Ottolenghi Flavor Is the Cookbook Thrill We Need This Winter

Crisp-edged and pillow-middled, and always with an imperfect swoosh to them—the typical relaxed look that hides how fiddly Ottolenghi’s flavors can be to capture at home. In his latest book, the vegetarian Ottolenghi Flavor, cowritten with brilliant recipe developer Ixta Belfrage and longtime collaborator Tara Wigley, the flavors and techniques have evolved. Still far from gluttonous, but glamorous all the same, Ottolenghi’s vegetables, all gussied up, will carry us through till spring. While the earlier restaurants and books focused largely on Middle Eastern ingredients and flavor profiles, they’re pushing outward, little by little. East Asian flavors have appeared in previous books, and in Flavor, Mexican, Cuban, Brazilian, and Italian ingredients often come to play.

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