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Mountain Dew Is Releasing a Cake Smash Flavor

Mountain Dew Is Releasing a Cake Smash Flavor

Cake flavor has popped up in treats from Hershey’s bars to cereal to Dr Pepper. It looks like Mountain Dew Cake Smash will be rolling out on shelves in the (hopefully near) future. As described on the can, the Cake Smash flavor consists of “DEW with a rush of artificial cake flavor.”This content is imported from Third party. This year you deserve to have your cake and drink it too with Mtn Dew Cake-Smash!”It sounds like Mountain Dew is giving us the go-ahead to make any average day worthy of a celebration. As we await official information on the new soft drink from Mountain Dew, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that it comes out sooner rather than later.

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