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McDonald's Has 25-Cent Cheeseburgers Today

McDonald's Has 25-Cent Cheeseburgers Today

They carry the excitement of Friday without the looming stress that comes with a short two-day weekend and, for the past few weeks, they've marked a bunch of killer deals from McDonald's. The fast-food chain has hosted \"Throwback Thursday\" deals every Thursday this month with today being the last day of the season to get a classic menu item for an insanely cheap price. To close out the Throwback Thursday fun, McDonald's is offering fans a classic regular-sized cheeseburger for only 25 cents. You'll have to have the McDonald's mobile app installed on your phone and an account to place your order. Alexis Morillo News Writer Alexis Morillo is the News Writer at Delish.com where she covers breaking food news and viral food trends.

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