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Mango Purée Is Not Just for Drinks

Mango Purée Is Not Just for Drinks

The minute the container of mango purée arrived at my front door, I started to regret volunteering. Most mango purée you can find at the grocery store is made from a mix of mango and sugar; the ingredients list will often note a percentage of each, most commonly 90% mango and 10% sugar. An obvious use for mango purée (which many of the labels specify) is in drinks. To me, cocktails were mango purée table stakes, the arena where I was sure the ingredient would shine. Because sweetened mango purée has about twice the sugar content of standard applesauce, you’ll have to adjust recipes accordingly; for this loaf, for example, I reduced the added sugar by half and swapped in mango purée in the same amount as the applesauce.

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