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I Ranked 28 Peanut Butters In A Blind Taste Test

I Ranked 28 Peanut Butters In A Blind Taste Test

But you know, after trying to be Julia for just one day by trying 28 kinds of peanut butter (...if you don't know already, I love peanut butter), I can tell you firsthand that even the dreamiest fantasies will slowly slink into a dull nightmare. The winning jarsBest \"Classic\": HomePlate Creamy Peanut Butter SpreadJune XieIn this category, we tasted the classic peanut butter spreads that most of us grew up on: the Jif, the Skippy, the smooth, smooooooth spoonfuls that tasted like peanut frosting, pure comfort, true nostalgia. For this taste test, I opted for the more contemporary alternative: palm oil. Honorable Mention: WOWBUTTER Crunchy Peanut Free Soy Butter SpreadJune XieI gave this an arbitrary score of 6/10 during the taste test because I was expecting peanut butter, and it was not peanut butter. If you're expecting peanut butter, this isn't it—but if you're expecting soy butter, it's a thumbs up from me!

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