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How to Use Tamarind Paste, Pulp, Purée and More

How to Use Tamarind Paste, Pulp, Purée and More

It’s intensely sour (if you do come across unripe tamarind, do not substitute it for tamarind pulp or concentrate in recipes). Rehydrating tamarind pulp: Break off a piece of pulp, add it to a small heatproof bowl, and pour hot water over the top. How to use tamarind pulp: Swirl rehydrated tamarind pulp into a marinade for fish or meat—tamarind pairs especially well with soy sauce, garlic, and some kind of chile for heat. Tamarind pulp (alongside fresh lime) is what gives this pad thai its refreshingly sweet-tart flavor. But, really, my favorite way to use tamarind pulp is in Nik Sharma’s Ginger & Tamarind refresher, from his cookbook Season.

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