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How to Soften Hard Brown Sugar: A Head-to-Head Test

How to Soften Hard Brown Sugar: A Head-to-Head Test

The phenomenon is so ubiquitous—the result of plastic bags that aren't fully sealed and cardboard boxes left cracked open at the corners—that googling “how to soften hard brown sugar” yields pages of results. To put the “how to soften hard brown sugar” issue to rest and curb my sugar waste, I tried five of the most commonly recommended methods, using easy to find tools and common kitchen ingredients. The apple methodWhat it is: Adding a few apple slices to a container of hardened brown sugar adds moisture to the environment, reviving the sugar. To eight ounces of solid brown sugar, I added ¼ apple, cut into three slices. I'd read that brown sugar treated this way takes on a subtle apple flavor and found that to be true, so I was hesitant to combine this apple-y sugar with the rest of my brown sugar once soft again.

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