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How to Make Escabèche

How to Make Escabèche

Escabèche is a transcontinental method of preserving and flavoring food that has crossed your dinner table more times than you’d think. Traditionally escabèche is said to have Persian roots—specifically, a dish where meat was preserved in vinegar and a sweetener like date syrup. Vinegar pickles, and escabèche are similar in that they both have vinegar used for brightness and preservation, but most escabèche today take a less practical and more immediate turn down the culinary road:In Spain, where the word escabèche was first coined from the original Arab dish al-sikbaj, boquerones en escabèche is a popular dish. Another popular escabèche in Spain is pan-roasted chicken dressed in paprika, white wine, vinegar, and lots of garlic. But I find the jalapeños to be the star of this escabèche, and a good starting point to making escabèche at home.

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