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How to Make a Better Cup of Iced Chai

How to Make a Better Cup of Iced Chai

Confession: I hate iced chai. After a bunch of research and many, many tests, I’ve arrived at an easy recipe for iced chai that packs the punch of flavor I’ve always been looking for. While a quick Amazon search for iced coffee yields ready-made iced coffee and cold brew, iced coffee makers, instant iced coffee powder, cold-brew pitchers, flavored syrups, ground coffee, and coffee concentrate, a search for iced chai yields only two kinds of products: liquid concentrates and powdered instant chai. Powdered instant chai typically contains instant tea, spices, milk powder, and a sweetener. And that’s not just my experience—Ayan Sanyal of Kolkata Chai Co. agrees that chai (hot or iced) just doesn’t taste as spicy without a little sugar.

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