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How to Cook Food Over A Campfire

How to Cook Food Over A Campfire

The best friends behind the wildly popular TikTok account @menwiththepot, Slawek Kalkraut and Krzysztof Szymanski—who make epic food in the backwoods of Ireland—share their top tips. Get comfortable cooking over an open flame in a familiar environment, where you have access to plenty of tools and ingredients. If your food is taking forever to cook, it most likely just needs to get closer to the hot coals. Only cook in specified campfire areas and pack out all trash (including the oft-forgotten small stuff like bottle caps and wrappers) and food scraps. Justin Sullivan Assistant Food Editor Justin Sullivan is Delish’s Assistant Food Editor, where he helps test, develop and (of course) taste recipes like one pot meals, easy desserts and everything in between.

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