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For Cleaner Home Composting, Learn the Bokashi Method

For Cleaner Home Composting, Learn the Bokashi Method

Consider bokashi—a method of food waste management that is similar, but cleaner and less pest-prone than conventional composting. Read on to learn how it compares to traditional composting; for a step-by-step guide to bokashi composting, scroll to the bottom of the page. Unlike traditional composting, bokashi is an anaerobic lactic acid fermentation process that begins to break down food waste before returning it to the soil. Bokashi proponents argue that the added fermentation steps reduce the greenhouse gas emissions in composting, since the homolactic fermentation in bokashi emits no gas. Bokashi can process food scraps that regular compost can’tDairy products, meats, and other fatty animal products cannot be composted using conventional composting methods.

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