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For a Barbecue Sauce That Sings, Simmer Your Soda Pop

For a Barbecue Sauce That Sings, Simmer Your Soda Pop

A few years ago, I walked down the supermarket condiment aisle in search of a barbecue sauce that would hit all the right notes and be a toast to whatever it was slathered and lacquered upon. But I didn’t purchase any sauce that day, instead going home with a more substantive understanding of the commonalities among barbecue sauces. Mustard meets ginger in this vibrant homemade barbecue sauce. My other barbecue sauce, made with ginger ale, shares a similar composition but embodies contrasting flavors. Instead, the dense barbecue sauce finds its way into the texture of the dish, imparting boldness, bulk, and brightness to the finished product.

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