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Chipotle Is Giving Away Thousands Of Free Burritos

Chipotle Is Giving Away Thousands Of Free Burritos

IDK about any of you, but I'm always down to finesse as much free food as possible. For Chipotle, a special promo that is taking place during the NBA finals is giving away millions of dollars worth of free burritos. To try and score some free food, you'll have to pay close attention to the commercial breaks. 10,000 free burritos will be given out, following 20,000 during game three, 30,000 during game four, 40,000 during game five, 10,000 during game six, and 10,000 during game seven. You can see a full breakdown of the game schedule (AKA the days you can try and win free Chipotle) on the Chipotle website.

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