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Can the Proclamation Duo Pan Really Do It All?

Can the Proclamation Duo Pan Really Do It All?

I used the Proclamation Duo over the course of a few months, folding it into my regular cooking routine. I roasted, I braised, I pan-fried, I sautéed, and I boiled, all to find out if these were really the only two pans I needed. The Hybrid pot was also ideal for searing thanks to its aluminum core stainless steel body, which provided consistent, even heat distribution. The problem areasProclamation claims that their pans are “lightweight,” but the carbon steel Sidekick skillet weighs around six pounds and the Hybrid pot weights four pounds, meaning that, when used together as a Dutch oven, the Proclamation Duo weighs a whole 10 pounds. If those are your metrics, perhaps the Proclamation Duo qualifies as lightweight.

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