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An Inexpensive Lentil Salad That Puts Cheese Center Stage

An Inexpensive Lentil Salad That Puts Cheese Center Stage

But caprese is really a tomato’s show, with the other ingredients playing supporting roles to help your ripe heirlooms shine. Which is why the salad I'm bringing you today is not a caprese; it inverts the caprese's proportions. There are summer farmstand flavors in the form of sweet peppers and basil, but this lentil salad—while retaining some undeniable caprese vibes—has a different focal point. Now I understand the merits of eating more than just cheese for dinner, but I’m still interested in meals where cheese is the obvious star. The BreakdownOlive oil: $1.69, Lentils: $1.15, Mini Sweet Peppers: $2.50, Grilling Cheese: $3.99, Dried Oregano: $0.03, Sherry Vinegar: $0.09, Honey: $0.13, Basil: $0.38, Black Pepper: $0.01, Salt: $.01.

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