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A Study Revealed The Most Popular Hot Sauce In Every State

A Study Revealed The Most Popular Hot Sauce In Every State

If you're also one of the people who considers themselves a true hot sauce connoisseur, I'm sure we're having the same thought on what America's best and most beloved hot sauce really is (here's lookin' at you, Louisiana!). As someone who eats hot sauce on almost everything, I can say I know a thing or two about it. The standout hot sauce star that I am referring to is none other than Cholula hot sauce! Most popular hot sauce in each state Money.Co.UKAccording to the state-by-state graph, Texas preferred the super spicy El Yucateco hot sauce above anything else, while California opts for Frank's RedHot. ), most popular condiment in each state, most popular hot sauce around the world, and the most costly condiments in the UK and US were all revealed too.

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