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5 Small-Batch Vinegar Brands We Love

5 Small-Batch Vinegar Brands We Love

Acid LeagueAcid League claims to make vinegar out of “anything and everything,” and offers a wide range of flavors including chamomile tea vinegar, toasted coconut vinegar, and Sichuan five-spice vinegar. While so many vins only offer little whispers of flavor beyond the straightforward acid, if AVW says it's a beer vinegar, it's a beer vinegar. The brand's founder, Rodrigo Vargas, explains the hot vinegar's unique fiery tang: \"I make it using a special process that allows for co-fermentation of the cider with fruit and spices. —LaurenAVW Apple and Pear Cider Hot Vinegar $12 at American Vinegar WorksRamp UpPeople forget that vinegar can be just as potent and versatile a condiment as hot sauce, capable of amplifying dishes with a few finishing dashes. Of all of their offerings, the garlicky ramp vinegar is my favorite—and I'm not alone.

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