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11 Pasta Shapes to Break You Out of Your Penne Rut

11 Pasta Shapes to Break You Out of Your Penne Rut

People, it seemed, had extremely strong feelings about which pasta shapes were best, and they were ready to defend their faves to the death in a public forum. I am not here to offer you a power ranking of pasta shapes from best to worst; that is a personal system that only you can develop for yourself. You might need to visit a specialty store or shop online to find pasta shapes of this variety, but in my opinion, it’s worth it. Hirsheimer & HamiltonMalloreddusMalloreddus, sometimes called Sardinian gnocchi, are a semolina pasta that’s often tinged golden yellow because of the inclusion of saffron in the dough. They can be served with all styles of pasta sauce, but you’ll traditionally find them in bowls with fennel sausage and saffron-spiked tomato sauce.

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