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Your Jumbo Muffin Pan Can Make More Than Muffins

Your Jumbo Muffin Pan Can Make More Than Muffins

A regular muffin tin might not be your thing; what you need instead is a jumbo pan. A jumbo muffin pan is exactly what it sounds like: a big sister to the standard tin, making six oversized muffins instead of 12 regular ones. Each cup in a jumbo pan is roughly 2½ times the size of a basic muffin cup, which makes the tool significantly more flexible and versatile. A jumbo muffin tin achieves this same uniformity and texture, just with a little more room to grow. But in my opinion, individual quiches and pot pies made in a muffin tin are more like two-bite snacks than single servings; the extra bit of space you get by making any of these recipes in a jumbo muffin pan instead goes a long way.

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