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What to Buy Instead of an Outdoor Heater

What to Buy Instead of an Outdoor Heater

If so, I bet you’ve asked yourself, Should I buy an outdoor space heater? Don’t despair, though, if you can’t find an outdoor space heater in stock. For restaurants and bars hoping to extend their outdoor seating for as long as possible, a stationary outdoor heater is a worthwhile investment. The fancy optionOkay, you have the heart and budget for an outdoor space heater. Solaira Candel Series Electric 22-Inch Patio Heater $548 at BBQGuysAlpha Series Electric 16 3/4-Inch Patio Heater $448 at BBQGuysSolaira Cosy Series Electric 16-Inch Patio Heater $348 at BBQGuysSunglo 40000 BTU Propane Gas Patio Heater $1,537 at BBQGuysThe alternativesA space heater, but smallerSometimes a small heat source is enough to stay comfortable if you are strategic about placement.

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