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This Very Big, Very Ugly Cup Keeps Me Hydrated

This Very Big, Very Ugly Cup Keeps Me Hydrated

I make appetizers out of cream cheese and sun dried tomatoes (oh, wait…)I haven’t seen the bottom of a Big Gulp since 2010. I began using what is essentially a fancy reusable Big Gulp to hydrate myself with the Goop- and Jennifer Aniston-approved substance called Water. You stick a reusable stainless steel straw in, and you drink. This is also optimal for a bedside table at night: You’ll wake up to pleasantly cold water. If you like drinking water out of ginormous cups; if you love a cup that keeps your beverage cold; if you need something sturdy and spill-proof that you can take on the go and feels built to last: this cup is your 2021 version of the Big Gulp.

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