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This Thanksgiving Calls for Mini Pie Pans

This Thanksgiving Calls for Mini Pie Pans

Instead, this is the year you should expand your baking collection to include a pie pan in the “miniature” category, falling between four and seven inches across. Scaling a standard recipe down to fit into your mini pan pan will take a little math, but I promise it's nothing you can't handle. When scaling down from a big pan to a smaller one, as we're doing here, divide the area of the small pan by the area of the large pan. Start checking on your mini pies early and rely on the testing and visual cues that recipe calls for—like “golden brown and is set in the center”—rather than the minute marker. RSVP Stainless Steel 6-Inch Mini Pie Pan, Set of 2 $19 at AmazonEmile Henry Mini 6-Inch Ruffled Pie Dishes, Set of 2 $30 at Williams-Sonoma

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