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The Best Wok for Stir Frying at Home (2021)

The Best Wok for Stir Frying at Home (2021)

The best pre-seasoned wok: BK Black Carbon Steel WokIf you don't want to go through a whole process of seasoning before you put your wok to use—a totally understandable desire!—you're going to want a pre-seasoned wok. The BK wok is 12 inches in diameter and made of thick black steel, with a flat and relatively wide base. Also, the post-cooking seasoning process was simple and quick to complete. For pre-seasoned cast iron lovers and anyone looking to get to stir-frying straightaway, this is the wok for you. Do some measuring before you buy a wok ring to ensure it will fit both your wok and your stovetop.

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