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The Best Nondairy Yogurt for Baking

The Best Nondairy Yogurt for Baking

Yogurt is often the ringer ingredient in a baked good, the unassuming addition that is actually doing way more work than it seems. At least, until now, because I convinced my workplace to let me test 10 of the leading brands to determine the very best nondairy yogurts for baking. Yogurt makes baked goods moist and tender, with a subtle and balancing tang. It’s also important to note the style of yogurt that a recipe requires; Greek yogurt, which has less whey and more protein than regular yogurt, makes for a thicker batter and puffier, more structured end result. I also liked this recipe because aside from the yogurt, it is entirely dairy-free; I didn’t want to judge a baked good that relied on other milk products to work out.

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