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Prince Harry Revealed Archie Harrison's Adorable First Word

Prince Harry Revealed Archie Harrison's Adorable First Word

Speaking of Archie, Harry shared an extremely cute fact about his son: his very first word was \"crocodile.\" Marie Claire One Year of Marie Claire Magazine marieclaire.com $10.00 SHOP NOWHarry also revealed Archie's breakfast of choice, made possible by a Christmas gift from the Queen: a waffle maker. \"My grandmother asked us what Archie wanted for Christmas and Meg said a waffle maker. She sent us a waffle maker for Archie so breakfast now, Meg makes up a beautiful organic mix, in the waffle maker, flip it, out it comes, he loves it.\" Harry, too, is a waffle fan: \"Now I have waffles for breakfast, bit of yogurt, bit of jam on top—I don't know if that's the right thing to do.

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