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In My House, Nothing Can Dethrone Edensoy Soy Milk

In My House, Nothing Can Dethrone Edensoy Soy Milk

So far, however, nothing has even come close to dethroning the undisputed queen of alternative dairy in my house: the old-school, earthy-crunchy, cardboard box favorite that is Edensoy Organic. Edensoy is the soy milk brand from Eden Foods, an organic foods company that started as a grocery co-op among friends in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1968. In addition to its complete line of soy milks, I’m a big fan of Eden's apple-cherry butter, black sesame tahini, and many specialty Japanese ingredients. To me, unsweetened Edensoy soy milk is the perfect all-purpose milk alternative. In the mid-90s to early 2000s, that ingredient was soy, maligned for its purported relationship to a handful of health problems.

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