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How to Store Yeast

How to Store Yeast

How to Store YeastActive dry yeastTheoretically, unopened active dry yeast will last for up to two years after the date it was packaged. Store opened active dry yeast in an airtight container in either the fridge or freezer. Instant yeastLike active dry yeast, instant yeast has a shelf life of two years and performs best when it's kept away from heat and moisture. Here's a handy chart so you know exactly where to store yeast and for how long:Type of Yeast: Active Dry & Instant Yeast Fresh Yeast Storage Cool, dark placeRefrigeratorFreezer RefrigeratorFreezer Shelf Life 2 years (unopened)4 months (opened, refrigerator)6 months (opened, freezer) 2 weeks (refrigerator)3 months (freezer)Can You Freeze Yeast? For fresh yeast, you should thaw the yeast overnight in the fridge before using; never thaw at room temperature.

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