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How to Have a Meaningful Virtual Passover Seder

How to Have a Meaningful Virtual Passover Seder

Whether you're still distanced as everyone awaits their vaccines, or you're on separate coasts, here's how your friends and family can gather for a Passover Seder on Zoom. How to Have a Virtual PassoverFor your immediate family, start early with menu planning. Share the SederIf you want or need to drop off meals to friends or family who usually join your Seder, think about fun ways to bring them their festive dinner. Perhaps plan a virtual gathering with the people you would love to celebrate with but never can because they do not live near you. If you need some inspiration, be sure to check out all of our fabulous Passover recipes for the Seder meal, as well as delicious options if you plan to be dietarily observant for the full eight days.

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