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Hot Pimento Cheese Is What We Need Right Now

Hot Pimento Cheese Is What We Need Right Now

And I’m definitely making more Hot Pimento Cheese Dip. The pages of Polina Chesnakova’s Hot Cheese offers crispy cheese; and luscious, melty cheese; and cheese that’s somehow both (who needs mozzarella sticks when you can have breadcrumb-coated fried raclette sticks?). Chesnakova’s hot pimento cheese is silky and melted, perfect for dunking Triscuits or pretzels, crunchy vegetables, or Ritz crackers. You can, of course, amp up the heat with more chipotle, or some hot sauce, or add a touch of mustard if you like your pimento cheese with a little more bite. Then you’ll smash some garlic, and make a slurry of canned evaporated milk with a touch of cornstarch.

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