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Chewy Brownies: How to Make Them

Chewy Brownies: How to Make Them

It made me think: Two eggs and 1¼ cups of sugar must be the ultimate egg-to-sugar ratio for a properly chewy brownie. Weller has since ditched this extra step, claiming that the high oven temperature, short bake time, and general ratio of ingredients do enough work already to produce wonderfully chewy brownies. Whether or not you choose to live by the Steve Ritual, there’s one thing you can’t deny: Medrich’s brownies chew. The conversation surrounding cakey brownies versus fudgy brownies goes way back, but the research on chewy brownies is surprisingly minimal. Next, I asked them if they prefer chewy brownies or cakey brownies; the results were overwhelming in favor of the former (89% for chewy, and just a small but vocal 11% for cakey).

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