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Break Up With Your White Plates, Little By Little

Break Up With Your White Plates, Little By Little

Mid-pandemic, I looked at my assortment of earth tone dishes—mostly purchased piece by piece, slowly edging out the chipped white plates I'd had since college—and thought, “I'm never going back, white.”But how do you round out a collection of dishes that doesn't exactly match? In case you're looking for a little hue inspiration, below are all the colorful plates, bowls, saucers, and cups that I've had my eye on. Plus a few dishes in shades of white, for anyone who isn't quite ready to take the full color plunge. Material Open Bowls, Set of 2 $80 at MaterialPorcelain Cereal Bowls, Set of 4 $35 at AmazonMilbrook Dinnerware 16-Piece SettingNot-so-boring white plates look good with anything. Our Place Drinking Glasses, Set of 4 $50 at Our PlaceSiren Song Enamel Plates, Baldwin, Set of 4 $68 at Food52

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