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A Cauliflower Casserole With Cabbage, Hold the Cream

A Cauliflower Casserole With Cabbage, Hold the Cream

With their easy prep and lush texture, casseroles are the ideal path to the kind of contentment I seek. So when I came across the cauliflower and cabbage gratin in Scandinavian Green, the new plant-forward cookbook by Danish chef Trine Hahnemann, I immediately flagged the page. This casserole is not the dump-and-stir sort—the sauce is made from scratch and the vegetables are blanched in salted water prior to assembly. To make it, you whisk the poaching liquid from your cabbage and cauliflower into a simple roux (flour and melted butter; whisk it in by the half-cupful to avoid lumps). Stir the chopped, blanched cabbage and cauliflower into the yolk-enriched sauce, and finally fold in the beaten egg whites.

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