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2 New Books Honor the Real Roots of Barbecue

2 New Books Honor the Real Roots of Barbecue

Scott’s writing brings a hyperspecificity to readers, never claiming a role as the representative of South Carolina or even of Pee Dee barbecue. While Scott talks plenty about barbecue, the book doesn’t dissect or define the cultural nuances and history of Black barbecue, or South Carolina barbecue as a whole—and it doesn’t have to. And while he’s translated his barbecue style into a budding empire, to read World of BBQ and take away that it’s exclusively about barbecue would be reductive. He weaves a narrative from slavery and the newly freed enslaved people who turned barbecue into careers and thriving businesses, describes how migration changed barbecue styles, and ultimately looks ahead, asking what the future of Black barbecue can be. Much like barbecue, barbecue sauce is an expression of regional and individual styles, whose history and evolution runs parallel to barbecue.

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